Monday, July 19, 2010

and Worse yet...

Started an account on Ficly the other day, and wrote something... fairly quickly. But then, 1kb goes faster than I thought it would. I was kinda bored this morning and threw what I wrote into the I Write Like blender. Um, yeah. Very surprised to find that those 2 paragraphs were similar in style to Stephanie Meyer... that of Twilight fame. Crap. I gotta watch my style, I suppose. Next thing you know is I'll have a fraking book deal for 6 volumes of teenage vampire lust. I don't think I could handle that.

Of course, it could just be some BS...

Maybe when I get home I'll run it through this one, and see if I can do better.

In the mean time, check out story #2.

[UPDATE: Apparently I Actually write like:

I actually write like
a moonstruck lunatic possibly actually wearing a straightjacket
I Actually Write Like Analyze your writing!

Which is a load off of my mind, let me tell you...]

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