Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one breakdown

I bummed a cigarette from a co-worker about an hour ago. Wasn't worth it. Menthol marlboro 72. A light, crispy, SMALL cigarette. Almost like a toy. Weird.

the only good advise from the smokefree.gov site so far has been to keep busy. I'm trying, but there's not that much at work to keep me from getting bored. Meh.

If I was at home trying to get the homebrew dvr/pvr working i'd have a better chance.

Day 1 (sort of)

ok, I'm doing it. Last night I decided that THIS is the day. Boom.

I smoked my last cigarette before I came in to work. Checked out smokefree.gov and it didn't really have any helpful info. For example, if you smoke while you drive, try listening to a new radio station, or YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC. Are they just making shit up? Both suggestions are mutually exclusive, and neither one is that good of a suggestion.

Another suggestion is to hang out in places where smoking is prohibited. Ie: a mall or a movie theatre. Interesting, but there are always parking lots. It also suggested staying out of bars. Interesting, since (at least in AZ) smoking isn't allowed in bars anymore. But they usually have parking lots too!

But, like I said in my previous post, the worl is increasingly unfriendly towards smokers. So it should be pretty easy right?

Especially if I blog on my work breaks instead of lighting up, right?

Ciragettes smoked: 4
Last one smoked: 9:15 am.
Cups of coffee: 8 and counting

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smoking, and boredom.

From the "bad-habits" dept.

Kinda-sorta trying to quit smoking. Have cut back quite a bit (1/2 to 3/4 of a pack/day), but not nearly enough. Thinking about investing in 'the gum' this week rather than a carton.

Smoking at work will be the hardest thing to cut out. Sitting at a desk for 8 hours is almost painful. At least when I worked at the video store I had something to DO every minute of the day. Helping customers, stocking shelves etc. I wasn't just sitting and staring at a monitor the whole time. I imagine that I could just wander around the parking lot for a few minutes every hour instead of lighting up. This is because I'm not so sure its a nicotine craving, but the need to get up and stretch, move around a bit.

Which is another problem. I tend to smoke more when I'm bored. The other night I was tearing down and putting together a couple of computers (using my new CyberTool 41 SAK - Happy Birthday to me!), and didn't feel the need to smoke for several hours at a time. But then last night, I was installing Ubuntu and some other software (on the same machines), I was just bored during the install process and ended up smoking half a pack in 5 or 6 hours. Not trying to make excuses or anything, its just an observation.

The more I think about it though, the more I DON'T want to smoke. At least in the long term. When I imagine myself as a nerdcore, diaper-messenger bag carrying, video-shooting, picture-taking, middle-earth-story-telling, GEEK DAD, I do NOT see myself smoking. I tried to imagine it this morning on the way into work, and the image just did not fit.

Its like those times I've taken my son out to events with other parents and kids. I feel like the insane oddball of the group when I step aside to fill my lungs with noxious fumes. I don't like smoking around kids. Never have. I always try to hide around a corner or something, but that just makes me more of the misfit. So out of place as a smoker in this world. Everything these days has been altered to a non-smoking environment. Which is not to say that's a bad thing. YES, smoking is bad for you, yes it causes cancer, etc, etc, etc. 

Next week I'm planning on being more pro-active with quitting. Thinking I'll start with the gum, because i LIKE gum. We'll see how it goes.

OK, back to work! these spreadsheets won't create themselves :)

Today's stats so far,

cigarettes smoked this morning: 6

coffee drank: 10 cups (and counting)

miles driven: 22

minutes spent writing this: 75

minutes spent working: 15

minutes spent on gtalk with my sister-in-law: 21

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Captions anyone?

The IT dept at work has set up a little clone bank of timeclocks. Reminds me of something from the matrix, or an electronic nursery.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another pondering, and a hapilly filled lighter.

The test was a success, my wordsmithing on the go is up and running... I wonder if I can pull a Twitter feed through??? Hmmm... (probably)

Still not sure what I'm actually doing with any of this technoledgy. I mean LOOK below. 3 whole posts prior to tonight! And the last one was the day after Thanksgiving. My twitter account languishes. MySpace and Facebook go unused for weeks, NAY! Months at a time. Am I too old for social networks? I don't know =P

I guess one thing I will be writing about in the comming months are my preparations for the LPI Junior Administrator exam (part 1 of 2). I started studying for the first exam a month and a half ago. Almost through the first of 5 tutorials. Man!

Ok, one final thing before I have another cigarette and head to bed. I did end up finding my lighter fluid in a box in the garage... used the lighter 2 weeks straight. Left it in my pocket when MyLittlePony did the laundry. Probably needs new stuffing and flint and wick. Oh well.

-posted from bed, using Gmail on my G1 ;)

Mobile Blog Test #1

Imagine my surprise when I crack open my new HTC/T-Mobile G1 (with GOOGLE!!!) Only to find that NOONE has yet written a Blogger app. Ah well.

Luckilly, it does have integrated GMail. So blogging through email ain't too shabby. This is my first test blog through th mobile service. Hope it works!

OMG PONIES!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!