Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 1 (sort of)

ok, I'm doing it. Last night I decided that THIS is the day. Boom.

I smoked my last cigarette before I came in to work. Checked out smokefree.gov and it didn't really have any helpful info. For example, if you smoke while you drive, try listening to a new radio station, or YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC. Are they just making shit up? Both suggestions are mutually exclusive, and neither one is that good of a suggestion.

Another suggestion is to hang out in places where smoking is prohibited. Ie: a mall or a movie theatre. Interesting, but there are always parking lots. It also suggested staying out of bars. Interesting, since (at least in AZ) smoking isn't allowed in bars anymore. But they usually have parking lots too!

But, like I said in my previous post, the worl is increasingly unfriendly towards smokers. So it should be pretty easy right?

Especially if I blog on my work breaks instead of lighting up, right?

Ciragettes smoked: 4
Last one smoked: 9:15 am.
Cups of coffee: 8 and counting

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