Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Captions anyone?

The IT dept at work has set up a little clone bank of timeclocks. Reminds me of something from the matrix, or an electronic nursery.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another pondering, and a hapilly filled lighter.

The test was a success, my wordsmithing on the go is up and running... I wonder if I can pull a Twitter feed through??? Hmmm... (probably)

Still not sure what I'm actually doing with any of this technoledgy. I mean LOOK below. 3 whole posts prior to tonight! And the last one was the day after Thanksgiving. My twitter account languishes. MySpace and Facebook go unused for weeks, NAY! Months at a time. Am I too old for social networks? I don't know =P

I guess one thing I will be writing about in the comming months are my preparations for the LPI Junior Administrator exam (part 1 of 2). I started studying for the first exam a month and a half ago. Almost through the first of 5 tutorials. Man!

Ok, one final thing before I have another cigarette and head to bed. I did end up finding my lighter fluid in a box in the garage... used the lighter 2 weeks straight. Left it in my pocket when MyLittlePony did the laundry. Probably needs new stuffing and flint and wick. Oh well.

-posted from bed, using Gmail on my G1 ;)

Mobile Blog Test #1

Imagine my surprise when I crack open my new HTC/T-Mobile G1 (with GOOGLE!!!) Only to find that NOONE has yet written a Blogger app. Ah well.

Luckilly, it does have integrated GMail. So blogging through email ain't too shabby. This is my first test blog through th mobile service. Hope it works!

OMG PONIES!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!!!!