Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another pondering, and a hapilly filled lighter.

The test was a success, my wordsmithing on the go is up and running... I wonder if I can pull a Twitter feed through??? Hmmm... (probably)

Still not sure what I'm actually doing with any of this technoledgy. I mean LOOK below. 3 whole posts prior to tonight! And the last one was the day after Thanksgiving. My twitter account languishes. MySpace and Facebook go unused for weeks, NAY! Months at a time. Am I too old for social networks? I don't know =P

I guess one thing I will be writing about in the comming months are my preparations for the LPI Junior Administrator exam (part 1 of 2). I started studying for the first exam a month and a half ago. Almost through the first of 5 tutorials. Man!

Ok, one final thing before I have another cigarette and head to bed. I did end up finding my lighter fluid in a box in the garage... used the lighter 2 weeks straight. Left it in my pocket when MyLittlePony did the laundry. Probably needs new stuffing and flint and wick. Oh well.

-posted from bed, using Gmail on my G1 ;)

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