Thursday, September 2, 2010

Personal Update #37; August 2010 Recap

So, its been quite a month. The Boy is back in school, The Girl is crawling (hopping diagonally) all over the house. The Wife and I have been muy busy, just with work and trying to get some sleep.

Since I really haven't had a lot of 'ME' time, and they took my FRIGGININTERNET away at work I haven't been able to post as many real blog posts as i'd like. I tried something at the start of the month where i'd doodle something on today's date on my desk calendar at work and then try to post it using my G1. And it worked... mostly.

This week didn't really work out as I had some actual work to do Sunday, and had to leave tues and stay home wed. Since we're in a new month, I'll try it again.

I do have about a half dozen 'real' posts waiting in the wings for me to finnish them up, add links, etc. Should be able to have some out this weekend. All a part of my Grand Commitment to actually use the blog for its intended purpose.



Sent from my G1, far from home.

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