Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Futurama, how I've missed thee...

Oh, how I missed Bender Bending Rodriguez, Phillip Fry and Turanga Leela... Not to mention Zoidberg, the Professor, Hermes and Scruffy. The years when there was no Futurama seem like the dark ages of television. They held nothing for us to slake our thirsts on (besides Family Guy, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, South Park, etc), and we were left to squander our time watching re-runs on Adult Swim and trying to convince ourselves that Futurama was never canceled by the Evil Suits at Fox networks. (BAD FOX, BAD)

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SO annoyed was I that some idiot would actually cancel it, that I refused to believe it would ever come back (later of course we found out that it was passive-aggressive canceling, just not ordering episodes and letting it flounder). Indeed, much like Firefly, it was killed off before its time, and seemed increasingly unlikely that it would revive, no matter how the fans begged, pleaded or threatened Fox Execs. But they did come back! and I was quite surprised. After much rumor and the finalizing of contracts there came: 4 cool direct to DVD movies, later shown in serial on Comedy Central as a new "season" of the show. Unfortunately, yes, i kind of ignored the Serialized Futurama Films...
But I was busy! (sorry David X Cohen)

Good News Every One!

A couple of weeks ago, I was able to catch up on not only the movies, but the current season as well. I always promise to do episode by episode reviews of my favorite shows, and someday I will... perhaps. But for now, lets look at the season so far. Damn, its good to be back in the 31st century!

We haven't had a real season of Futurama in almost 7 years. You could count the movies as being a season, since Comedy Central ran them serially for us over 2008-09, but really, they were direct to DVD movies that were later aired episodically on basic cable. Can't get around that (and the oooh, controversy). Of course it wasn't long after these movie-episodes started airing that Comedy Central began producing (through FOX studios, of course) more episodes in 2009. The fruits of their labors are finally here. All new episodes of one of the greatest Sci-Fi/Fantasy Animated series, in history.

We are 12 episodes into Season 7 (*6) of Futurama, and I'm quite happy with the season; from the opening where its [kinda-sorta] explained what happened after the 'Wild Green Yonder,' to the robo-sexuals to the latest Titanic (Land Ship indeed) rip.

Fry continues to try for Leela's love, even going so far as to run through the entire history of Space-Time 3 times so that he won't be late for a date. Leela continues to rebuff him gently (also inciting him to mutate himself.) Zoidberd is back in rare form being more disgusting than ever. The Professor is just as, if not even more senile, and Hermes administrates through red tape and limbo with practiced ease. Bender bends a lot of stuff, drinks beer and *GASP* falls in love with a character I shall not mention (or Kiff will ask Brannigan to beat me). The delivery folks also make their 100th delivery this season. Which is quite a milestone [or used to be] for a prime-time animated sitcom.

Paraphrase: You are about to deliver something most certainly useless into a most certainly dangerous situation and or place!!

To sum up, Futurama is AWESOME, and so is the new season. I'd like to personally thank Comedy Central for bringing back such a great show, and hope they continue buying seasons well past the 26 episodes they currently have. And another hearty thanks to Fox and the Voice Cast for settling their differences which could possibly have ruined the 'Rebirth.'

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