Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nerd Stuff (part 1)

Nerdcore roundup for this week (month?)

Trying to spend a little time each day Geeking out, usually to no avail. I spent maybe 45 minutes on the computer this week sorting through pictures and albums with Picasa for Linux the other night. Was interrupted by the wife, who couldn't sleep. And then the baby woke up to be fed, and I lost track and went to bed after wards. Noticed 2 days later that Picasa was still running (meaning that I hadn't been back to the PC in 2 days!).

Later in the week, I found a long enough VGA cable and strung it from the computer TARDIS [for some reason smaller on the inside] over to the TV. Problem is, the video card thinks that the VGA should be monitor 1 (0, sorry Linux-ites), and that DVI should be secondary. Who's brilliant fucking idea was that? In order to make the PC monitor PRIME, and TV Second I need to:

1) Find my DVI to VGA adapter
2) Attach said adapter to the VGA cable from the TV to the DVI out on the card
3) get yet another friggin VGA cable [from the garage] and
4) pull the DVI cable out of its route through the TARDIS and replace with VGA cable from #3.

[EDIT 6/23: DONE, wasn't nearly as involved as I made it out to be]

I'm lazy though so it could be a while.

I also figured out how to set up the wireless keyboard/mouse transceiver so that I can sit more than 4 feet from the TV. Haha! it's a little hard to surf the net from 12 feet away, even with a 37" monitor. But GAMES... are awesome :) Took a little searching through archived files, but I found "On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode I." Which i did not get to play... YET (this year)! perhaps by Wed or Thurs night I'll be able to stay up past the rest of the family's bed time.

But then I have 3 awesome choices for gaming: 1) OTRSPOD (thanks Penny Arcade!)
2) Red Steel 2 (on loan from that one Video Game rental-mail-out thing that's not in any way associated with Netflix)
3) D&D Online [which I haven't checked out on the BIG screen yet :( ]

So, I beat the PA game almost 2 years ago. RS2 is pretty awesome and involved, and D&D can be a little boring and INVOLVED (but still awesome).

There's so much else (or "so much other stuff" as my son would say) to do!! too much goddamn it! I have TV to watch (Friggin Leverage just started up again and my DVR is holding 2 episodes for me), movies, BOOKS and a bunch of other stuff. Grh.


So, with all of this NEW content bearing down on me, how did I spend my Father's Day off? on the couch, with the kids, watching Star Wars Episodes I-III. seriously. the 3 worst movies (OK not really) ever made. Although the lightsaber battles were awesome, and Yoda makes a better Gummy Bear than a Soldier, and I can't stop thinking "Why doesn't someone just bitch-slap Anakin and say 'quit yer whining!'" Yup, almost 12 hours of being savagely beaten by George Lucas. There are a couple of things that came up and that I will probably create a whole new post for (ie: Amidala escaping from Naboo put Sideous in a serious panty-crunch, but somehow played directly into his evil plans?)

OK, will update later. Right now need to get myself home and eat some SOUP.

"...There are man made objects on the moon,
put there by a member of a species that only
60 years before had just invented the airplane."

-Sheldon Cooper

"The future is here. It's just not widely distributed yet."
- William Gibson

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