Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watching TV

WOW, been a while huh? Haven't posted since... well, way before my illness. We'll get to that later. for now:

Watching TV is nearly impossible for me these days. At least regular TV, as in live, whenever executive pin-heads want you to. Which is OK, because I have DVR from my satellite TV provider. Not to mention Netflix on the Wii (AWESOME!) and streaming video on my PC. So, you would think that through all of the years I've had these services, I'd have started watching the following shows a LOT earlier:


But no, for some reason I was not turned on to these shows until they had run at LEAST 3 years. What's up with that?? The problem lies with the solution. I'm almost constantly catching up on old shows. For example, I'm about halfway through Bones Season 1 through Netflix. Which means that by the time the current season ends, it's at least possible that I'll be caught up. We managed to get through 2 1/2 seasons of TBBT last month in time to pick up from S03E19 when it went 'live.' But again, not watching during the actual broadcast, DVR... :) good old DVR. Which could be a problem.

Apparently the TV ratings don't really look at DVR'd numbers, or downloads/streaming views. WHY??? everybody has been 'tivo-ing' for like 15 years.  And before that there was VHS. The actual number of people who watch a show and become fans is FAR greater than what Nielsen would like us to believe. As evidenced by the Brown Coats. And all the folks who petitioned Fox to bring back Family Guy. My big fear is that shows like SGU will meet their end as quickly as Dollhouse and Firefly. (Which, really, got the crappy slots from Fox, and weren't really given a decent chance to survive.)

But I digress...

CSI is probably the only show I started watching midway through a season, and did NOT go back and watch from the Pilot (or Ep.1). Why? tooooo freaking long. If i can give up on Smallville after season 6, I can ignore 7 years of crime scenes.

The other side of the coin are shows like The Office. I haven't seen The Office in almost a year, and only watched on Hulu. Reason? Not really sure. I think i could snuggle it in on the DVR, some how. But I still need to go back MONTHS and pick up the story from Jim and Pam's wedding. At the moment, that's too much of a task. What with the kids, and being back at work. And the kicker is, I'm doing THAT to myself as well. Using up any free time to either watch the X# of movies I recorded 6 weeks back, or starting on all new shows. I COULD have caught up with Dwight and Angela starting in January when I got out of the Hospital. What did I do? lol, caught up on House and Leverage. Mostly, I set the TV on Food Network and just stare off into the ether as Bobby and Tyler grill and braise. Totally fascinated by Ultimate Recipe Showdown and Chopped.

So, to sum up. I'm lazy, and don't LOOK for new shows to watch, insist on time-shifting my entertainment, and LOVE catching up on 5 seasons at one time. Pretty sure the only reason I wrote this is because my wife asked me the other day, "WHY do you have to start liking all these shows after they've been on for 3 years??!?!" Oh, and i want to see if all these links I put in GMAIL show up on the blog post :)

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